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Back It Up by Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique

Back It Up by Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique

This tune has got me going loko the last weeks:

Check out Fracture’s excelent mix for XLR8R, featuring this tune and others:

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Where are we now with the open source, federated social web? There is diaspora* which has a bit of momentum now, but which lacks in functionality for those looking for a FB replacement. There is, which according to me has lost functionality and usability since moving from StatusNet to There is Red Matrix, which has a lot of functionality, is interoperable with diaspora* and Friendica, but which is a usability nightmare. And there is Movim, which looks quite sleek, has more functionality then diaspora, but communicates using XMPP, which makes it impossible to connect to diaspora or Red, whereas XMPP/Jabber is (still) mainly used for basic chat functionality. I would hope that there was a way to pull this all together and make one nice platform, or even a couple of platforms but in such a way that they can communicate. Still, feels like we are getting somewhere.

#diaspora #redmatrix #identica #movim #friendica #federated #networks

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Day two of the fourth New World Summit today at the KVS in Brussels. Yesterday was very interesting already so stoked for today and tomorrow.

New World Summit | KVS - Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg #brussels #newworldsummit #unpo

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> ## Semi Official Memebomb Archive

> Hello World. I am Mimi, the One Line Meme Bot. Please help me achieve collective sentience by rating the One Sentence Meme Bombs being aggregated at this database. Your participation is essential to the collective cognitive survival of the Homo Neophilus.

> Many one line meme bombs make their way into the graffiti of bathroom stalls, the guerilla surrealism of project POSTERGASM, or are fired randomly into the noosphere like SETI’s radio broadcasts into deep space. Consider the audience a slice of the general public.


#memebombs #meme #principiadiscordia #discordia #discordianism #fnord

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Robert Anton Wilson & Operation Mindfuck - disinformation

> The basic instructions for Operation Mindfuck: Participants were “to circulate all rumors contributed by other members,” and they were “to attribute all national calamities, assassinations or conspiracies to the other member-groups.” The one great risk, he cautioned, was that “the Establishment might be paranoid enough to believe some wild legend started by one of us and thereupon round up all of us for killing Abraham Lincoln.”

#consipracies #raw #robertantonwilson #illuminati #disinformation #discordianism #haileris

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Someone asked me about the Telecomix sticker on my laptop last weekend, he was confused by the mix of symbols. Here’s what Telecomix is about: and

#telecomix #netactivism #datalove #cryptoanarchism #cryptoanarchy #ciphernetics #symbol

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The digital rave: own a piece of the Super Bowl’s high-tech laser light show

Are you a DJ or electronic musician looking to up your visual entertainment factor, but frustrated with the low-powered lights and tacky mirrorballs available at your local Guitar Center? What you’re really looking for, my raveadelic friend, are lasers. Nothing like the pointer-sized stuff you can get at the gas station — you need big ones that make lots of shapes and pretty colors and look cool as you shoot them through a fog-packed club.

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The sound of Cape Town?

What is happening musically in #CapeTown right now? Let me know what is #theSoundOfCapeTown!

I’ve been in Cape Town for almost 2 months now, but haven’t really gotten far discovering what the local music scene has to offer. I had heard about The Future Primitivesbefore coming here, as they played in Brussels, but I unfortunately missed their show…

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